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Cambridge International Education Conference (CIEC) brings together several of the UK's leading training organisations and distinguished speakers, all under one roof to help teaching professionals realise their potential, their skills and develop further their knowledge and abilities towards the students they teach. These condensed courses are informative, powerful assets to any teaching organisation or individual. Our conferences helps boost skills and confidence. Sessions are interactive and full of ideas for participants to take back to school. Workshop sessions allow the opportunity to network and to share ideas.

What can you do to effect change and create and inspire possibilities at your school?

Here's How

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  • Justification Letter for Attendance.
  • Come to conference  to be empowered and trasnformed.
  • Bring home a host of actionable ideas.
  • Implement what you have learned at the conference and empower change at your institution.

 2023/2024 Conference Dates:

CIEC Educators Conference/ School Visits (2023)

29th Oct. to 3rd Nov. 2023

School Owners & Leaders Conference (2024)

29th January to 1st February 2024

CIEC Teaching & Leadership Conference (2024)

22nd July  to 25th July 2024

CIEC Teaching & Leadership Conference (Africa Series 2024)

29th Aug. to 31st. Aug. 2024

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’- Nelson Mandela

Gallery from Past Conferences