Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are made explicit to ensure that all parties have clarity in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
The Directors reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking from any individual or organisation and are not required to give a reason for this. This type of refusal could be linked to: evidence  of a non reputable organisation; an individual or organisation who has not settled an invoice in the past; or any other reason.

CIEC will make every effort to run the courses which are advertised on the website. However, there are occasions when courses are unable to run. This could be for the following reasons: insufficient applicants register for the course and this makes the course non-viable on financial grounds (each course has a minimum of 14 delegates); a course tutor is unexpectedly unable to run a course and a replacement tutor cannot be found; or other unforeseen circumstances which cannot be rectified.

CIEC will always make every effort to contact applicants when a course is unable to run. Applicants will be given two options: to transfer to another course being run at the CIEC Summer School  or to have a full refund of the course fee which has been paid for.

Please note that in the unfortunate event of a course being cancelled, CIEC will not bear the cost of any additional expenses incurred by a course applicant, for example air flight or travel expenses.

Refunds are normally only given if there is a legitimate reason (e.g. proof of a medical certificate) for non-attendance at the summer school. Refunds are given at the discretion of the Course Directors. Any refund given will deduct an administration fee to cover bank charges and general administration of the booking by CIEC. This administration fee is £150.

Any person who is unable to attend as a result of not obtaining a visa must make every effort to inform CIEC of their situation at the earliest time. Notification must be received by 31st May. After this time, your place must be paid for therefore we very much regret that no refund can be given or negotiated.

Any individual who does not obtain a visa and does not notify CIEC by 31st May will forfeit their full course payment, i.e. no refund will be made. If you choose to book and pay after 31st May and require a visa to enter the UK you do so at your own risk as payment CANNOT be refunded if your visa is subsequently denied.

Refunds take time to process according to the circumstances and country. CIEC reserves the right to process all refunds at the conclusion of the summer school, i.e. at the end of July.

Refunds will not be given by cash or cheque. Refunds cannot be dealt with through friends or colleagues at the Summer School. CIEC will issue refunds by Direct Bank Transfer. CIEC will require bank details in order to process a refund. It will be necessary to request details of a U.K. bank account in order to process the refund. The following details are needed to process a refund: Name of a UK bank, address of a UK bank, name of account holder, sort code and account number.

Arrival at the Summer School
Each delegate needs to produce a receipt when checking in/registering at the Summer School along with the requested documents for identity checks as required by the UK Border Agency.

All outstanding amounts to be paid on arrival at the Summer School in GBP sterling, including outstanding bank charges.

Pre-booked places may only be swapped for another delegate with prior written permission from the Course Directors.

Home Office requirements
CIEC reserve the right to provide details of all delegates as outlined in the application form to the UK Home Office and its officers in order to comply fully with immigration laws and procedures.

Whilst at the Summer School
The Directors reserve the right to ask a delegate to change course should it be apparent that the course is unsuitable for the delegate.

Delegates are expected to attend every session at the summer school and be punctual for sessions. Without this, the certificate of attendance cannot be issued to an individual delegate.

Whilst the Directors are sorry for any loss or damage of personal equipment whilst at the Summer School, CIEC cannot be held responsible.

Bookings are only accepted from individuals or organisations who explicitly state that they have read and accept the above terms and conditions. Please understand that in making a booking you accept that CIEC may be required to give your booking information to the UK Border Agency which is part of the Home Office.