Charity of the Year

The 2020 CIEC charity of the year :
 Malaika’s mission is to empower Congolese girls and their communities through education and health programs. The grassroots non-profit operates in the village of Kalebuka, in the Southeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Malaika was founded by Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, who still leads Malaika today, making it a rare African-led, female-led organization. Noella has spoken at two of our past Africa focused conferences.
 A percentage of all conference fees will be set aside in 2020 for the school.
 You are helping to give hope to the hopeless. Thank You!

Meet the Founder: Moella Coursaris Musunka

Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, a Congolese/Cyriot philanthropist and international model,is the Founder & CEO of Malaika, a grassroots nonprofit that works to educate andempower girls and communities in her home country ofthe Democratic Republic of theCongo. Fiercely proud of her African heritage, her determination to help improve thelives of Africa’s youth has made her an international advocate for their welfare.Noëlla founded Malaika in 2007, and this community-drivenapproach acts as a modelthat can be replicated on a global level. Today, Malaika’s education and health programsare impacting thousands of people’s lives and are all offered free of charge. Malaika’swork has three components: an accredited school that provides a quality education to346 girls; a community center that offers a range of programs to 5,000 youth andadults; and, a clean water program that has built and refurbished 20 wells to supplyfresh water to over 35,000 people each year.Noëlla has shared her insight at a number of world-class forums spanning the ClintonGlobal Initiative and the World Economic Forum in Davos to the university halls ofCambridge, Oxford, Harvard, and MIT. In 2017, Noëlla was named one of the BBC’s 100Most Influential &Inspirational Women of the Year, and in 2018, she received an awardat the 100 Years of Mandela celebration. She is an Ambassador for the Global Fund toFight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.